JCS’s Spiritual Programs focus on developing inner strength and character. Through reflection and community engagement, students grow in spirituality and ethics, shaping well-rounded individuals.

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Spiritual Programs

Bible Class

The Word of God activates the Gospel of Christ in our students’ lives. As they attain mature faith, they gain a deeper understanding of Jesus’ life and God’s characters. Moreover, they eventually come to discern that their life choices, consequences, and the Word of God are intimately associated with one another.


Students gather to worship and praise God. In addition to sermons, prayers, and praise, chapel services incorporate Bible story times, plays, and personal testimonies to help students build a more intimate relationship with God. JCS Chapel features different speakers and lecturers (both within and outside JCS) every week. Students are divided into their specific age groups and experience suitable worship styles and heard the living Word.

Daily Devotions

Opening devotions are held in each classroom at the beginning of each day in which students meditate on the Word and pray. Students discover God’s will and guidance in their lives and share them with one another. Daily devotions enable students to encounter loving and caring God on a personal level every day.

Exchange Program/Field Trip

There are two field trips per semester. JCS students visit national museums, zoos, arboreta, aquaria, and other places of academic interest to gain meaningful, hands-on experience. During the Spring & Fall semesters, students according to their grade level engage in a wide range of activities for a wealth of experience and knowledge. (E.g. MT Jirisan, Injae, Gyeongju, Busan, etc.)

Mission Trip & Community Service

Mission Trip is a Christian duty whereby believers fulfill the Great Commission by spreading the gospel of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20) and practicing love (Mark 12:30-31) in a cross-cultural experience. As participating students raise funds for a mission trip and undergo the preparation program, they experience the guidance of the Lord not only in the trip but in their daily lives. In addition, they visit “Holt International” every month to support and learn from them.

Mock Trial/ Model UN

As a social action learning program, JCS students select relevant social and global issues and collect research data either individually or as a group to present them in mock trials and model UN every semester. Our teachers oversee students’ progress and offer them advice on their research. Upon the completion of the research, students present their findings before their peers and teachers.

Spirit Week

JCS students experience “Spiritual Development” during the first week of each semester. Various educational seminars (e.g. Sex Education, Fire Drill Training, Earthquake Safety, CPR, Spiritual & Academic Training, etc) are provided to the enrolled students. Also, small group activities are prepared and run by the Associated Student Body of JCS for building an intimate relationship between students and teachers in Christ.