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HIGH (Grade 9 - Grade 12)

JCS High curriculum ensures self-directed learning environment. Our AP program, College Writing, Research Practicum and SAT instructions in which teachers are allowed to display their expertise and autonomy help to maintain the highest academic standards. Students build their basic academic foundation and are equipped to become exemplary citizens in the global world through the use of state of the art technology in learning and participation in Discussions, Projects, Flipped Classroom, Mock Trials, Community Service, and Christian Mission Trips.

Course Descriptions

Grade 9

  • English I: Foundations of Literature and Composition
  • Geometry
  • Biology
  • World History
  • Foreign Language 1: Chinese I
  • Korean Language & Literature I
  • Biblical Studies I
  • Choir
  • Physical & Health Education I
  • Electives Offered: College Writing I, Research Practicum I, Chapel

Grade 10

  • English II: World Literature and Composition
  • Algebra 2 or AP
  • Chemistry or AP
  • US History or AP
  • Foreign Language 2: Chinese II
  • Korean Language & Literature II
  • Biblical Studies II
  • Physical & Health Education II
  • Electives Offered: College Writing II, Research Practicum II, Chapel

Grade 11

  • English III: Western Literature and Composition or AP
  • Pre-Calculus or AP
  • Physics or Science Concentration Courses or AP
  • US Government or Social Studies Concentration Courses or AP
  • Fine Art
  • Foreign Language 3: Chinese III
  • Korean Language & Literature III
  • Biblical Studies III
  • Physical & Health Education III
  • Electives Offered: College Writing III, Research Practicum III, Chapel

Grade 12

  • English IV: English Language and Composition or AP
  • Calculus or AP
  • Science Concentration Courses or AP
  • Social Studies Concentration Courses or AP
  • Physical & Health Education IV
  • Electives Offered: College Writing IV, Research Practicum IV, Chapel