JCS helps students choose a college and a major through counseling and a detailed analysis of their academic performance, aptitude, and spirituality. Students are given a thorough aptitude test twice during their school years and receive counselling from college advisors twice per semester.

Oversea College Application Program

QuestBridge is a selective university application program that provides scholarships for exceptional students seeking to attend top institutions, including Ivy League universities. Evaluation criteria include academic achievement, activity and service records, an essay, and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or college counselor. Acceptance to QuestBridge facilitates applications to the program's partner universities, including Princeton University, Yale University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania. Students who receive college admission through QuestBridge receive four-year scholarships and many other benefits.

In order to help students receive the attractive and highly sought-after benefits provided by programs such as QuestBridge, JCS conducts personalized counseling for each student throughout his or her high school career.